Infertility (both male and female)
TVDP (cervical and Lumbar)
Asrhmatic complaints
Panchakarma treatments for all ailments
Treatment for migraine.


The hospital is occupied in half acres in heart of Ulikkal village and the only institute providing all types ayurvedic grounded healings.

Our major proficiencies are:

Admission and accommodation for 40 patients at a time.
Use of our own prepaid medicines
Pharmacy and medical facilities
Allergy test

Skin test - Skin prick test - Intra dermal test - Skin patch test
Blood test - Done to look out anti bodies -ELISA,EIA -RAST
Allergy - In Ayurvedic view

Virudha ahara and vihara are the main cause, because of these doshas get vitiated and malas get accumaleted in the body. It will affect ojas and vital power get altered. Because of these immunity get reduced and due to minor causative factors the individual will prone to various infections.

Skin Diseases

Diseases which manifest over skin : In ayurveda all skin disorder are included under "kushta". Visarpa is also is skin disese. Skin diseses manifested over children is" karappan".

Kushta in veda:- in rugveda there is mention regarding kushta. In atharvaveda detailed description regarding signs symtoms and treatment of kushta.

Kushta in bible:- if the hairs inside the patches is white in colour and if the patches are deeper than the skin means that it is the symptom of kushta.


According to ayurveda 18 types of kushtas are mentioned,
Mahakushtas – 7 in numbers, Kshudra kushtas – 11 in numbers


Skin may be more smooth or more rough, Excess sweting or absents of sweting, Discoluration, burning , itching , tenderness may be there, Swelling may be present and tingling sensation, Sudden onset and difficult in heeling, More pain full area, blackish discolouration and blakishred colour blood will comeout, It will slowly heel and due to miner causes it will get agraveted.


Should be trated fastly ie, "ASUKARYATH CHIKISTA" Treatment should starts from initial stage onwards In ayurveda kushta chikista included under shodana chikitsa

Vamana or emisis should be done in ones in 2 weeks., Virechana / purgation should be done ones in a month Nasya / nasal medication should be done ones in a 3 days, Rakthamokshana should be done ones in 6 month

With in periods shamanoushadhi should be internally - Rasayanavidi ie, kudipraveshika can also be done - Vyayama, exposure to sunlight - First treatment should be snehapanam - Ballathaka tailam is very much effective.

In allopathic treatment:- sulphol medicines are more important Dapson –D C S usually used - Dayaminodifanil salphon- cheaper medicine


Skin disese which manifest over skin and spread fastly allover the body .

Aetiology -in take of saulty and sour food trauma
Langhanam , Rukshnam , Vamanam , Virechanam , Rakthamokshanam with sringa , jalouka,siravyadha or prachanna , Internal medicine like thikthaka and mahathikthaka, kashaya and grita are more beneficial.

Inflammatory condition of bony tissues

The cause of disease is unknown. May be familial disease. Presence of abnormal immunoglobulin in serum known as RA factor.

Predisposing factors
Trauma , Psychological factor , Genetic influence , Presence of infectious agens – dyphtheroid bacilli, mycoplasms and vireses.

Clinical features:
Usually the onset is at 40 yrs., Womens are commonly affected , Pain and stiffness, more in morning along with swelling, First starts in small joints , Low grade fever , Associated with general malise, anorexia lassitude weight loss and depression. , Splenic enlargement and lymphnode enlargement

Physical sign
Usually the skin is to be shiny and atropic , Joints are swollen with thickness of synovial membrane

Special investigation
Hemoglobin level is less , E SR is raised , RA factor positive in 70% of cases.

Allopathic :- Anti inflammatory, Analgesics

Ayurvedic treatment :
In ayurveda the treatment of Arthritis includes Swedana, Snehana, Deepana-pachanam , virechanam , snehapanam and vasthi. Main case of Amavata/arthritis is “Ama” or improperly digested food materials. So the 1st line of treatment should be deepana pachana and Amapachanam ie, improving the digestive power. The kashaya’s and gulika’s which removes Amatwa and increase digestive power and which are not aggrevate vata is used internally . Swedana :- Without application of oil fomentation is given (Ruksha Sweda). It includes Dhanyamla dhara ,Steaming, Podi kizhi , Lepam etc. and also with application of hot kashayas etc.

Snehanam and Snehapanam : After removing the “Amatwa” and if the digestive power is in good condition then we can give oileatin inside and outside the body. Internal snehapanam should be given after inducing purgation (virechanam). Usually administration of medication ghee is in large dose (which will helps in easy elementation of Doshas) Externally oil massage, ela kizhi , dhara, pizhichil and njavara kizhi can be given which will helps to prevent further reoccurance.

Vasthi(Enema) : Taila vasthi made the elemantory canal snigda after taila vasthi , kashaya vasthi can be given so that it become clean. Vasthi is considered as half part of treatment.

Ayurveda offers successful and effective on solutions remedies for the most challenging health problems of the modern days like male and female infertility. People around the world had accepted Ayurveda as effective medical methodology and have not missed the gentle and soft healing nature of this sacred tradition. Ayurveda has a lot of health promoting informations in the field of infertility, increasing today.

ELJE, is a unique centre for traditional Ayurvedic treatment , well established and experienced in the treatment of infertility in male and female it offers quality professional treatment service.

Facilities Provided:-
Online consultation
Specialy prepaid medicines uniquely For infertility
Panchakarma Therapy
Treatment Pattern followed by ELJE

Snchaswetna Vamanam
Uthara Vasthi
Rejuvenation Therapy

Special Treatments for infertility By ELJE
The quality of an embryo is completely depend on the sperm and ovum that take part in the fusion. But this fusion get obsessed due to many reasons. According to Ayurveda that major causes of infertility are:-
ELJE seeks to provide diagnosis for infertility on the basis of Panchakarma methods and treating them according to the individual with genuine Ayurvedic classical medicines and karmas.