Ayurveda offers successful and effective on solutions remedies for the most challenging health problems of the modern days like male and female infertility. People around the world had accepted Ayurveda as effective medical methodology and have not missed the gentle and soft healing nature of this sacred tradition. Ayurveda has a lot of health promoting informations in the field of infertility, increasing today.

Brief note in Infertility

Infertility is the inability of a couple to get a pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected sexual union. According to Ayurveda, preparing for consumption can be casely compared to the process of farming, just like the health of crops depend on the supporting components like soil, seed, time of sowing, amount of water etc the health of bud known as embreyo totally depends on the health efficiency of the parents. For a healthy and successful pregnancy a couple should take care of the following factors.

Sperm (Seed)
Uterus (Soil)
Nourishment (Water)
Time of Conception (Time of sowing)


ELJE, is a unique centre for traditional Ayurvedic treatment , well established and experienced in the treatment of infertility in male and female it offers quality professional treatment service.


Dr. M.J Ittiachan founded the basic principles in the treatment of Infertility. This holistic vision of providing people with authentic classics. And is always inspired by his health care teams persistence in achieving successful l treatment outcomes.

Facilities Provided:-

Online consultation
Specialy prepared medicines uniquely For infertility
Panchakarma Therapy

Special PANCHAKARMA treatment offered in ELJE

SNEHAPANA the treatment with specially prepared gruthams which help to solve the hormonal imbalalances and cleanses the body, which faster the rate of conception. Apart from this treatment Vamana, Virachana etc. which solve out the metabolical imbalances.

Vasthi a major treatment in Ayurveda purifies, cleanses and strengthen the reproductive systems. "Uthara Vasthi" is the special treatment provided by ELJE in the treatment Of infertility. After all this cleaning process the treatments end with the reguanation of Dathusis (the bodily constiuents).

Treatment Pattern followed by ELJE :

Uthara Vasthi
Rejuvenation Therapy

Special Treatments for infertility By ELJE

The quality of an embryo is completely depend on the sperm and ovum that take part in the fusion. But this fusion get obsessed due to many reasons. According to Ayurveda that major causes of infertility are:-

Visication of Doshas especially Vatha Dosha


ELJE seeks to provide diagnosis for infertility on the basis of Panchakarma methods and treating them according to the individual with genuine Ayurvedic classical medicines and karmas.