About Us
ELJE, a unique centre for traditional Ayurvedic treatment , was established with the aim of" physical and mental wellbeing of all living beings "based on Ayurvedic principles. It has the credit of more than 100 years of traditiopnal background in Ayurvedic treatments. It offers facilities for admiting 10 patients at a time. The O P section is situated in the housing colony Chalakudy. We pay our deep homeage to our beloved fathers oand acharyas who enlighteed us in our passage to ayurveda.

A package if innovative Ayurvedic medicines is being tried out in infectious diseases like chicken gunia, Swine flu etc. and the major disaster cancer.

Herbal Garden (Recognized by the National Medicinal Plant Board New Delhi)

We are running a Herbal garden spread over 16 acres of land blessed by the incredible landscaping and pleasant climate favourable for the growth of medicinal plants at Kanjirakolly in the district of Kannur in Kerala. It is located around 30 kms away from the proposed Kannur airport and 3200 feet above the sea level surrounded by thick evergreen forest. The outstanding feature of this herbal area is that no synthetic fertilization has ever been done to it. We started this with the aim of conserving our traditional medicinal plants and to create awareness among the public about the necessity of saving our natural products.. We have cultivated 500 varities of medicinal plants in addition to the natural herbs grown in the area. The evergreen landscape is richly endowed with natural beauty of waterfalls and lakes. We make use of this rich vegetation for our own medicinal preparation.


It’s a GMP certified company. We are preparing quality medicines to be used exclusively for our patients. Our main preparations are Asavas,Arishtas, Choornas, Medicated Ghees, Kashayas,Lehyas, Medicated Oils, Pills etc. for various aliments and applications. Our special preparations for Infertility, Skin Diseases, Psoriasis, Asthmatic complaints, Rheumatic complaints developed and supervised by a team of Doctors are particularly appreciated by our patients.

Quality Assurance

We maintain superb quality standards from production to packing as recommented by the Govt.of Kerala-GMP certificate.